A Stand for All Seasons
A stand for all seasons

Scofield Fruits serves customers across the country with a variety of summer products    

Loveland Connection • July 18, 2008

 For 13 years, Mike and LeighAnn Scofield have sold fruit, vegetables and chilies from the same location in Loveland.  What began as a stand in Scofield's father's front yard has grown to a business that ships fruit to customers in Alaska and Hawaii.

Scofield said the stand even has customers that drive from Nebraska.  "Most of our customers have become family," Scofield said. "It makes things kind of nice."

Scofield Fruits opens in late April by selling plants and flowers and then starts selling fruit, including apricots and cherries, in July.

Scofield has been buying his peaches from the same family owned orchard for 13 years, and said the stand sells a lot of Colorado's best produce.

"Everything is always fresh," he said. "Quality and honesty are the No. 1 aspect of our business here." 

In addition to the stand in Loveland, the Scofield's travel to Estes Park every Thursday to be a vendor at the farmer's market.

In August, the Scofield's will begin selling roasted chilies from the Brighton and Fort Lupton area.

The chilies are roasted for each customer, and they offer six different varieties ranging from mild to extremely hot.

"Roasting the chilies blisters the skin to make them easy to peel," Scofield said. "It’s always a conversation piece."

The stand even has recipe tips for customers who don't exactly know how to use them when cooking.

"We like to put them in meatloaf, but you can also lay them over the top of hamburgers and put them in omelets," he said. "There's so many things you can do with them."

Cooking a bushel takes about three to four minutes depending on the roaster’s temperature.

The Scofield's operate two roasters full-time and hope to add a third within the next year.

Scofield said the chilies also can be frozen to use at a later time.

"It's a pretty fascinating deal," he said.

The stand is open through September and sells seven days a week. 

Scofield Fruits is open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Saturday and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sundays.